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Experience streamlined event ticketing with Novotix in Rotterdam. Gain deep insights with comprehensive sales statistics. Effortlessly set up events and ticket shops. Utilize advanced technology for seamless attendee check-ins at the event site. Simplify your event management process and create your ticket sales in Rotterdam in just a few clicks with Novotix today!

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Event ticketing

The ticketing solution for everyone

Discover the ticketing platform designed to simplify your experience and that of your participants:

Enjoy a seamless experience across all screens, whether you're setting up your event's online ticket sales or purchasing a ticket.

You don't have to be an expert in ticket sales! Set up your event and start selling tickets in just a few minutes.

Create as many forms as you need to retrieve the information you want. Use this data to display it on your tickets or use it to carry out your marketing activities and better meet your audience's expectations.

Whether you need help with settings or choosing the best options for your event, our qualified team is ready to guide you. We are available by phone and email to ensure your success every step of the way.

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We believe that what we create today, it will transform to brand growth in future.

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We believe that what we create today, it will transform to brand growth in future.

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We believe that what we create today, it will transform to brand growth in future.

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We believe that what we create today, it will transform to brand growth in future.

Event ticketing

A fully customizable ticket shop

Create a ticket shop that suits you. Personalize your page for events, tickets, badges and emails with your own images and colors in just a few clicks. From the essentials to customization, choose the level of personalization that suits you!

Promote your event and ticket shop with a fully customizable event page. An intuitive interface makes creating and sharing your site effortless and free!

Issue e-tickets personalized in your own colors, with the visual of your choice. For a high degree of personalization, choose our premium options, which can be applied to all your media: e-tickets, passbook, thermal tickets, etc. You can also easily generate badges and accreditations for all your participants, from volunteers to artists .

Make sure that the ticket sales module fits harmoniously with your website and your graphic charter, by using your colors. Customize every detail, from category pricing to sales parameters and shopping cart countdown.

Strengthen your brand image with personalized confirmation emails. Adjust the content, style and colors to perfectly match your visual identity.

NOVOTIX - Online ticket sales - Abu Dhabi
NOVOTIX - Online ticket sales - Abu Dhabi
Event ticketing

Manage your event in 4 simple steps

Managing an event can seem overwhelming, breaking it down into four simple steps can make the process super smooth via Novotix.

Start configuring your event according to your specific requirements. Choose the rates and dates and create a form to collect the desired information. Everything can be changed at any time!

Start selling in just a few clicks by integrating your ticket sales into your website or publishing an event page in your own colors, optimized for search engines and for all screens.

Follow registrations and sales in real time from your app or computer. Your interface shows you all the numbers and information about your participants to help you manage your event.

Analyze sales and attendee information with intuitive dashboards and optimize your event management with our integrated access control and emailing tools. Your data is precious and belongs to you. We don't exploit them or sell them!

Event ticketing

All-in-one automated ticket sales

Explore the versatility of our ticketing software, transforming ticket sales and event management into a seamless, effortless, and customized experience.

With the Novotix POS, which can be used online or with a tablet on a stand, you can easily sell on location or set up points of sale for your partners.

Design personalized invitations for your partners, media and VIPs, with the option of direct mailing or an RSVP system. Increase efficiency by delegating invitation sending to your partners and assigning them ticket packages.

Offer online bookings and cash on site on the day of your event, or choose an online payment or deposit option.

Confidently manage your memberships, subscriptions, and donations online with our secure form and payment module. Our platform offers over 25 internationally accepted payment methods, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your global audience. Additionally, our robust multi-currency system supports transactions in five different currencies, allowing you to cater to diverse financial preferences and expand your reach. With our comprehensive solution, you can streamline your financial operations and provide a seamless experience for your supporters and members.

NOVOTIX - Online ticket sales - Abu Dhabi
Optimize your sales

Boost ticket sales with Novotix. Maximize revenue, engage attendees, and simplify the process for seamless transactions.

Collaborate with everyone

We collaborate. Partnering for success, expanding reach, and creating unforgettable event experiences together.

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Elevating event and recreational sales with seamless transactions, boosting revenue and attendee satisfaction.