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Effortlessly manage all aspects of your event ticket sales with our cheerful self-service ticketing solution!

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Embark on a joyful journey with our customized software designed for zoos, parks, and museums!

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We believe that what we create today, it will transform to brand growth in future.

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We have experienced Novotix as an easy platform (or web app) to create forms and sell tickets with. On the admin side, the interface looks modern - and is fast!
LEF Marketing & Events


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Easy to manage your event data.

Simplifying event data management effortlessly, ensuring seamless organization, insights, and success for every occasion.


Easy to manage your payments.

Streamlining payment methods with ease, empowering secure transactions and hassle-free financial management for your events with the use of Stripe.

Visitor checkin

Easy to manage your visitor checkin.

Effortlessly handle visitor check-ins, ensuring smooth entry experiences and efficient event flow with our intuitive solutions.


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LEF Marketing & Events

I have experienced Novotix as an easy platform (or web app) to create forms and sell tickets with. A lot of things are possible and fortunately, as a user, you can do a lot yourself. I haven't actually needed the support. On the admin side, the interface looks modern - and is fast! Scanning tickets on site is easy with the hardware provided.

20 Jan
The Lighthouse

What I appreciate about working with Novotix is first and foremost the people behind it. Clearly a team with their hearts in the right place, who do not distinguish between small or large customers but offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy professional support and learn and grow together. Everything is negotiable, co-creation is encouraged and the look and support are of quality and professional level. Highly recommended!

10 Jan
Borrel Bazin

A revolutionary system that always thinks out of the box and makes the best use of all possibilities to make the ticket process as smooth as possible. Price/quality ratio and service are also definitely in order. I have had good experiences with this in various events small and large and can highly recommend this company!

01 Jan

For Structura Outdoor, we engaged Novotix to handle ticket sales for us. The cooperation was fine and more than optimal. The system Novotix uses is simple, user-friendly and above all secure. The service fee is low and payments are made once a week. So you don't have to wait long for the entrance revenue. Furthermore, the service is great. Novotix thinks along with the customer in order to act quickly and adequately. I can recommend Novotix to anyone who organizes events.

10 Dec
Fete Productions

We needed help for our business from a company like Novotix incredibly quickly. Soon we ended up with Novotix and we liked it tremendously. Reachable any time and never anything too much to ask. They deliver fine, friendly and clear communication and they are tremendously reliable.

10 Jan

Worked with this company several times. Always completely satisfied. Pleasant cooperation. Good advice. Everything arranged to perfection. The best thing is that all agreements are met. Once in their hands, you can trust that everything will be fine.

01 Jan
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